You’ve reached my creative outlet, where I enjoy talking about things I do, things I make, and things I like. Some are serious, some are….not. But at a glance, you’ll find posts about travel, style, design, food, and other random stuff. So yeah. Congratulations!


Ellsworth Avenue was founded in 2016. I know what you’re thinking–that’s just last year. I’m saying that because years from now, when the internet no longer exists and humans ride hoverboards and only eat smoothie versions of meals….yeah you’re right, no one will care. But read anyways?


My agent can be reached at the following phone number: just kidding there isn’t one. That’s because I’ve decided my agent is my dog. Pleasure to talk to, not a great listener. Also not great at being an agent.

Let me leave you with an inspirational quote, right aligned like the quirky millennial I am:

“I am a deeply superficial person.” -Andy Warhol