3 DIYs inspired by Scandinavian design

When you think of Scandinavian design, I’m sure one place comes to mind: Ikea.

It’s known for cheap, classic furniture for college students trying to save money and its cafeteria that serves Swedish meatballs. If you take a look around Ikea, you’ll notice some common themes, like light wood, clean lines, greenery, and simplicity. Ikea, being a Swedish company, brings the wonders of Scandinavian design to the rest of the world.

Scandinavian design is known for being clean, hip, and functional. At times, it looks similar to mid-century modern pieces and reflects a minimalist approach to decorating. Maybe that’s why it’s so aesthetically pleasing.

There are some key features that all Scandinavian-inspired interiors show: light-filled spaces, natural elements, and simple decor.

The necessity of light is important in countries like Sweden, Denmark, and Norway, since their long, dark winters make things a little gloomy. Light woods, like birch, and house plants bring life to small rooms.

Keeping decor minimalistic and accessories functional is key to embracing the Scandinavian aesthetic. That’s how these three DIYs reflect the fuss-free but stylish looks so key to the design.

DIY Hanging Shelves

image via whydontyoumakeme.com


Minimalist Calendar

image via weeklycarnival.blogspot.ca


DIY Geometric Planters

image via homemadeginger.com

Want to read more about Scandinavian design? Check out these two articles.



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