Harry Styles’ Hair: 1 month later

It’s been a month since Harry Edward Styles posted this picture to Instagram, letting the world know about the inevitable.

Screen Shot 2016-06-01 at 1.40.53 PM
image via Instagram.com

After almost two years of growing them out, Harry cut his long, luscious locks. He gave the change a thumbs up, along with the caption, “Whoops.”

While I spent some time listening to 1D’s “Night Changes,” and “Love You Goodbye” to mourn the loss, others got over the major change in no time. Some took to Twitter to express their joy.

image via dailymail.co.uk

Pictures of Harry’s new cut didn’t even emerge until a couple of weeks later, but that didn’t stop true fans from dreaming up (using Photoshop) potential looks for this dreamboat.

image via dailymail.co.uk

When we finally did get pictures, they were pretty mysterious to start. His black newsboy hat, an accessory we hadn’t seen since JoJo’s time with Radio Disney, covered any good angle at the new ‘do. It’s as if he was trying to toy with the hearts of tweenage and teenage girls around the world.

But then, some better pictures emerged. Pictures of Harry, sporting World War II era fatigues while on set for Christopher Nolan’s new film, Dunkirk, littered the internet.

While I certainly would consider myself a long-haired Harry fan, I’m not opposed to his shorter ‘do. I loved me some Midnight Memories-era quaffed hair, and could still watch a lovestruck Louis Tomlinson run his hands through Harry’s Up All Night curly locks. But I will miss his elegant man bun.

Now, we are all left to wonder what Harry looks like in his usual printed tees, skinny jeans, and YSL Boots. Guess we’ll have to wait until he posts some nonchalant, out-of-nowhere picture on Twitter, in his usual Harry Styles fashion.


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