5 YouTube channels to watch this summer

I watch a lot of YouTube. A lot. Of YouTube.

I remember being introduced to the world of beauty gurus in 2010. For hours, I’d watch teenage girls demonstrate how to cake on makeup to achieve a “natural look.”

Six years later, the world of beauty gurus, and YouTube in general, is much different. Talented makeup artists, comedians, and gamers make a living (and a good one at that) posting videos every couple days to their channels. Some rank upwards of ten million subscribers.

People like PewDiePie, Tyler Oakley, and Lily Singh have made names for themselves through YouTube and have really become celebrities because of their videos.

Being entertained by the YouTube world for several years now, I have more than a couple of suggestions for any gal (or guy) who wants to spend five to ten minutes of their life watching people do things. Let’s get to it.

Good Mythical Morning

Self-proclaimed “internetainers” Rhett McGlaughlin and Link Neal started their daily morning show on YouTube in 2010. But their friendship began in 1984 when they were first-graders in Boise Creek, North Carolina. The duo posts a video every morning that is a variety show, of sorts. Whether they’re telling us about the creepiest nursery rhymes, or testing out some extreme cookies, Rhett and Link never fail to make us laugh. Their kooky sense of humor and friendship shows through in each episode, which makes their videos that much more fun to watch.


The Fashion Citizen

Any lover of fashion and design will enjoy these Arizona twins’ videos. Stephanie and Melissa Valenzuela post videos about twice a week, each focusing on some aspect of fashion and personal style. The two have a unique sense of style, inspired by classic brands like Zara and more vintage vibes, as well. Their go-to store? Goodwill. Each Sunday, they upload a week of vlog (video blog) footage, and take us through what their daily routine looks like. Steph and Mel have a knack for editing, too, and they create cool visuals for their audience to enjoy.



The name may turn you off, but his videos won’t. Each week, Evan Puschak uploads a video-essay. That is, he narrates his exploration of a topic very thoughtfully and analytically, while presenting us with the visuals. The subjects tend to be parts of pop culture, such as an analysis of Rihanna’s “Work.” They can be pretty serious and informative too, as seen with his video on wasted tax dollars. Evan responds to accusations of sounding”pretentious” in a Q&A video, and doesn’t deny it in the least. But whatever pretentiousness there may be in his voice doesn’t trump the truly fascinating insight he has. Speaking of Trump, my favorite video of his explains Trump’s influence on democracy.

Brad & Hailey Devine

Ok, hate to sound like a millennial, but Brad and Hailey are #goals. If you’re looking for a virtual escape to an exotic location, or a way to ease some of your wanderlust, take a look at their travel vlogs. The couple, along with their little daughter (and another one on the way!) visit interesting places across the globe while looking effortlessly stunning and being adorably in love. From Tokyo to Cinque Terre, the Devines go everywhere, and they travel in style. And they make it look so easy. I can’t decide whether my envy or love of them is stronger, but one thing’s for sure: I can’t stop watching them.



Hannah Hart started her YouTube show My Drunk Kitchen as a way to cheer up a friend. She never expected her one-time getting-drunk-and-cooking experience to turn into a series that draws in 2.5 million subscribers. Now, she regularly uploads episodes, using puns to connect food with life lessons. Sound a little contrived? Hannah’s sense of humor and kindness always shines through, keeping things genuine. She has branched out, too–her second book is on its way to stores, and her “Have a Hart Day” initiative has brought fans together to raise money for multiple charities across the country. Hannah’s slogan, “practice reckless optimism” is the focal point of her channel and it always keeps me watching.








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